CD - Power Of One - Israel Houghton

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Integrity Music - Israel Houghton - CD - Power Of One



Join cross-cultural worship pioneer Israel Houghton for an invigorating selection of gospel-worship originals! The Power of One combines rock, funk, Latin, Gospel, and worship styles into a tasty, musical gumbo. Includes "Moving Forward," "Saved By Grace," "Sing Redemption's Song," and more.


1. My Name Iz Listen
2. Everywhere That I Go Listen
3. Just Wanna Say Listen
4. Surely Goodness Listen
5. The Power Of One (Change The World) Listen
6. U R Loved Listen
7. Moving Forward Listen
8. I Receive Listen
9. Saved By Grace Listen
10. Every Prayer Listen
11. Sing Redemption's Song Listen
12. Better To Believe Listen
13. You Found Me Listen
14. My Tribute Medley; My Tribute How Great Is Our God Bless His Holy Name