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Integrity Music - Hillsong United - CD - Faith+Hope+Love




Beyond the sound, the rhythm, the art… beyond the strings, the keys, the melodies… beyond the stage, the set, the lights… are the people. Ordinary men, women & children, from all walks of life, in all sorts of circumstances and each one with a unique story to tell. This is the Church… and this is Hillsong’s 18th Live praise and worship album ‘faith+hope+love’. Every one  together playing their part and lending their voice to the collective story, our story. Recorded LIVE in March 2009, over 3 weekends and locations, the people of Hillsong Church gathered across our city - in their respective campuses - and then united together as one in celebration of an ever good and gracious God. Led by the Hillsong worship team including Hillsong UNITED, Darlene Zschech & Reuben Morgan, this album features 13 songs of FAITH in the midst of personal circumstances, HOPE in Jesus for the future, and LOVE – one for another. The prayer is that ‘Faith+Hope+Love' will breathe the light, love and freedom of Christ into your life, and continue to give expression to what God is doing in and through people all over the Earth.


1- The First And The Last
2- For Your Name
3- Glow
4- It’s Your Love
5- I Will Exalt You
6- Yahweh
7- No Reason To Hide
8- God One And Only
9- The Wonder Of Your Love
10- His Glory Appears
11- We The Redeemed
12- We Will See Him
13- You Hold Me Now